Video: Teenage YouTuber Eve Bennett's answer to getting rid of bumpy acne-prone skin

Teenage YouTuber Eve Bennett has always suffered from spots especially on her forehead. She tries out the Effaclar gel cleanser and shares her experience.

The first thing I do in the bathroom is cleanse – this is the most important step of a skin care routine obviously – and I’ve been trying the Effaclar gel cleanser for the last month, and with my skin I have so many painful red under-the-skin spots on my forehead and for as long as I remember, my skin has been completely lumpy on my forehead – it’s like the surface of the moon, I’m not even joking. And then I’ve been using this for the last month and I’m just so happy because my forehead is now smooth! That is unheard of with me! And it just feels so much better. It’s honestly made me feel so much more confident and I feel like my forehead is a new person, well a new forehead, you know what I mean!

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